eMule Contest Results

The eMule contest rules were simple: You give me a filename, 64 characters or less, that you think will attract the most downloads. I give each filename to a JPEG image, and the images are slightly different so eMule thinks they're different files. They're shared on eMule from one computer for two weeks. The winner is the author of the name that attracted the most downloads.

The other filenames weren't revealed to participants until after theirs were submitted, and nobody was allowed to change their entry.

The results are in. But I'll warn you: The filenames are potentially offensive, contain adult content and language, and are definitely not work-safe.

Click here to show the filenames and scores.
See the image (this is what filename number 10 would look like)

Dan won the first-place price (glory). Surprisingly, his was one of the only entries that didn't contain any porn-related keywords. Andrew and I bet on mainstream-gossip porn, but it couldn't match the popularity of Natalie Portman among computer nerds. Mark had a strong lead at first, with a standard porn entry, but it peaked early. Tim's was a control sample, but I imagine that eMule probably filters out such common words. And we really don't know what yetanotherdan was thinking, but there's 1 person out there who was curious enough to find out.

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