This is an archive of the articles we wrote before the switch to Tumblr. All new content goes to our tumblelogs: me, Dan.

If you really want to read a bunch of ancient posts by my friends and me, here you go:

In search of a wireless router that doesn't suck

Review: RiffTrax

Hating Sarah Palin

On community organizers and prisoners of war

Curing RSS addiction and continuous partial attention

iPhone-app price deflation

Cloudy promises

Language and the hemophiliac, liberal heart

Wrapping up the Democratic nomination

Old Media is choking on New Media

Truth, rumors, and predictions for the next iPhone


Falling off the shoulders of giants

Eight Belles and Thousands More

Unpaid internships

iPhone application pricing

Don't Seat Michigan's Delegates

Leave the Electoral College Out of the Primaries

Climate Change is Solveable

Clear Channel asks FCC to censor satellite radio

How to make good coffee

Not missing cable TV

Can Hillary Clinton still win?

Democratize Democracy: Give to a Campaign

State of the Union

Why the MacBook Air (and your laptop) are slow

Sony BMG's DRM-free innovation

Transcending Party Politics

Duplicating Apple's keynotes

Dog Lovers and Dog Fighting

2008 Election Prediction (Revised)

Baseless Apple-Windows speculation

Is this really a problem?

The Macintosh Fringe's Super Customer Service

I won’t rip off Seagate

Breaking up with Verizon

iPhone SDK rage

Top Twenty-Three Reasons Why All Your Blog Posts Should be in List Form

Do your own thing

Source code is worthless

Who the heck is Fred Thompson?

The new iPod Classic... sucks

Incidents of Romney Rage on the Rise

Weird fruit: Golden kiwi

iWork is not an Office competitor

R.I.P., 3.4 GHz of Love

Search is hard

Verizon COO: iWhatever

Sprint, SERO, and the Motorola Q

Safari for Windows is not about the iPhone

Weird fruit: Kiwano African horned melon

Using Google to search. Imagine that.

Translating from Comment Troll into English

How to make iced coffee

How to Gamble Like a Man

Apple's repair service

How Nintendo can save the Wii

Don't run CPA ads

Greylisting: The worst thing to happen to email since spam

YouTube's Legal Woes (Succinctly)

Passover Coke blind taste test: HFCS vs. sugar

How to Forward Email to Your Children

Ask Marco: Can Verizon's BroadbandAccess replace my home internet service?

The Clean Air Act Litigation and Global Warming (Briefly)

Hornby Confectionary Sugar Pigs

How Not to Write Satire

The Pickled Dachshund Orders Some Yorkies

Nuts Online

Microsoft Drops "Wow", Embraces "Meh."

A Lyndon LaRouche Webcast, Reviewed

And our next President will be...

The iPhone: I'll care later

Getting over the IT addiction

Bush's Renewable Energy Platform

Location-aware social applications

User-generated content


The Ethics of Music Sharing

How not to launch an iPod killer

The DVR is a bad hack and a stopgap

Democrats take Senate

Bertolli frozen dinner bags

Mental Floss magazine

VideoLan VLC Media Player 0.8.5

Internet Explorer 7

Coke Blak

Pizza Delivery Not Like in the Movies

The widescreen, touchscreen, fullscreen video iPod myth

Al-Qaeda Tape Outlines Vision Statement for Goal-Oriented Terror Networking

Talking to Lyndon LaRouche's Youth Movement Writer

What Digg traffic looks like

Vote the bastards out!

Linux and tomato sauce: The cost of choice

What is Apple releasing on Tuesday?

Bush Responds to IAU Meeting

How not to launch a Web 2.0 site

New Study Finds Internet Not a Minivan Either

The future of music

Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD: Nobody cares

Broadcast Indecency

Winamp 5.23

Welcome to New York

An Open Letter to Department of Justice Attorney Anthony J. Coppolino

MacBook first impressions

Legally moving Microsoft software to another PC

Peak Technology

How to make a podcast that doesn't suck

Review: Marco's Best Egg Salad Ever

A Story Problem

Raising the bar

Video isn't the next big thing

The Sandwich Boundary theory


How Google is vulnerable

The fantasy of the GoogleOS

It's the "How did Alito Rule?" Game!

Predictions for 2005 revisited

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Commander in Chief

How to unsalt cashews

Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks with Geeks

Computers are stupid

Why I'm not scared of peak oil

iPod Shuffle

Harriet Miers to Replace Alan Greenspan

Your Mother and I are Proud of You, Son

Hello, this is RSI. Nice to meet you.

Amtrak (a second opinion)


Flavia S350 office coffee machine

Your city sucks

Owning a car

Voice-recognition phone menus

Marketing a $200 sound card

Why do people buy new computers?

Canon LiDE 60 scanner


Verizon's V CAST video service

30 Days (with Morgan Spurlock)

Cooking for Guys (Part IV: Boiling Water)

Grown-up Computing

Who Wants to Be a Cuban Dictator?

Box Fan Blowout!

Fan Season

How to be a good customer

Apple's Switch, Part I

eMule Contest Results

Pillowcasing strategies

Idiots are here to stay


Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

What is a blog?

Sega reveals upcoming console

Weezer - Make Believe

How to Drive, Part I: Blocking the Intersection

Finding your second apartment (Part II)

Insuring your laptop

Network transfer speeds in reality

Dish Network and the DVR-522

Finding your second apartment

The Future: Speech Recognition

Cooking For Guys (Part III: Kitchen Safety)

Cooking for Guys (Part II: Putting Things in a Pot)

Exclusive Longhorn screenshot

Cold Heat soldering iron

Cooking For Guys (Part I: Recipes)

Ocean's Twelve

Mitch Hedberg may have died

PHP Web Hosting

Using a Verizon cellular phone as a modem


Garden State

Controversial New Study Reveals What I Did to Your Mom Last Night

The phantom hotspot market

The Great ISP Debacle


Valentine's Day Letter

Joel On Software

International Solitaire Society Condemns Microsoft Solitaire 6.0

Royal Dansk Butter Cookies

Microsoft Word

Sorry, I'm too tired for commitment tonight.

Predictions for 2005

Predictions for 2004 revisited

Best Game of All Time

Electronic Arts gains Microsoft, Sony exclusives

Vonage IP phone service

Well, the Holiday Season is here again !!!!

Forum temporarily broken

Xtreme Service Plan Zone extends product line

Clusty Toolbar for Firefox launched!


Go vote!

Bush Wins Florida in 2004

The Importance of Third Parties

Official Voting Guide

Virtual PC 7 for Mac

Windows vs. OSX: Program installation


Game prices to rise?

Worst Game Consoles of All Time

Scientologists Visit

Sonic Heroes (Xbox)

Bush Declares War on Teleprompter

LG Electronics

Terror alert!

Best Buy rebrands itself as "Xtreme Service Plan Zone"



The Wrath of Entrepreneurs Unlimited

Should the iPod support Ogg?

Cellular phone technology


IKEA instruction people

Powmax power supplies

Counter-Point: Men

The Switch, Part 2: First Impressions

Windows is secure

Browse the 9/11 report more easily

Allawi to Terrorists: Not Funny Anymore

The Switch, Part 1: The End Of The World

The Pittsburgh Left

Where is the PDA market going?

Jersey Girl

Fingerprint Media Player

Super Size Me

Entrepreneurs Unlimited

Verizon Wireless

Creative SoundBlaster MP3+ external sound device

Troy (the movie)

DVD Audio and SACD

Winamp 5.03

Why don't printers come with cables?

Should you get a PDA?

Flashback to 1995: AOL Proggies

New layout

Lindows loses, trademarks get more ridiculous

RIAA wants to raise price of legal downloads

Rise Of Nations (PC)

Desktop Sidebar 1.03

Adobe Acrobat 6.0

Fujitsu T3010D Tablet PC

Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1

D-Link “AirPlus” Wireless Card and Base Station

USRobotics Sportster 33.6 External Modem

Microsoft Office Keyboard

The Proxomitron

Windows 95

Nullsoft Winamp3 version 3.0d

Eve 6 - It's All In Your Head

Bose Wave Radio/CD

XM Satellite Radio and the Delphi SKYFi

Suing Napster - RIAA's Great Mistake

Grateful Dead fans chill at The Almond Brothers’ concert

Vanilla Ice in concert!

Al’s Soup Kitchen International (Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi”)

United Airlines customer service

Belkin (and Eric Deming) and the Express Repair Plan warranty by Here2Fix

Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings

Internet Design 2000 (InetDesigk2k)

FWD:_/_/link that shows online_bussiness_ops Lower_Becki

CounterPoint: The Environment


Vanilla Coke

Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razor, and shaving in the shower


FOUND Magazine


How To Stalk Me

Airline Cheapness!

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