Broadcast Indecency

Note from Marco: Impressive rant, Dan. I usually make mine slightly more subtle, but apparently the general public isn't getting it yet.

I've been increasingly disgusted about broadcasting indecency. Or, more accurately, I've been increasingly disgusted over the election year attention "broadcasting indecency" has been given and by the fanatical religious right's efforts to advance it's cultural agenda by mobalizing its supporters to raise a stink over things that nobody really cares about.

Additionally, I'm annoyed by higher fines and anybody who uses the term "family hour." Howard Stern said something disgusting? Really? Well maybe you shouldn't have your children listen to Howard Stern.

According to the FCC, I can file an indecency complaint online. Now I just need to find something indecent to complain about. As it turns out, Bush inadvertantly said something rather naughty when he didn't think there was a microphone on. And now this filth is being broadcast all over the country. I would like to complain.

Unfortunately, I don't have a TV. However, I'm sure some of you do. So, could somebody with a television flip on the news and give me a time and a station where this particular soundbite is played? (Double credit if it's from Fox News.) I'm sure it will be beeped over - but everybody knows what word was disguised. I would also encourage any of you to join me in my crusade against... whatever I'm crusading against. Please also file an indecency complaint if you consider any of the following obscene:

  1. Bush's language
  2. Bush
  3. The situation in Lebanon
  4. The G8 summit
And by all means, encourage everybody you know to do so as well.