I was bored one night a few weeks ago and decided to make an entire web app in a few hours. I had recently read through a very long and successful thread on the SA Forums soliciting "unusual life advice", which taught me a few things, including:

  1. People really like giving advice to others.
  2. People really like reading (but not necessarily following) advice from others.
  3. Reading through inspiring and funny advice was entertaining, insightful, and inspiring.
Thus, Omnescio was born. The name is an intentionally bad combination of Latin words that might mean "I know everything" or "I don't know everything": omni- (all?), scio (I know), and nescio (I don't know). I was a very bad Latin student.

I got a few hundred visits over the next week, then traffic started to level off.

Then I submitted it to StumbleUpon. I had recently installed their browser toolbar on a friend's recommendation. Users give thumbs-up ratings or text tags to sites they're browsing, and if they're bored, they can click the "Stumble!" button and it goes to a random site that they might like. It works pretty well for me, although many of the sites have been stupid Flash games. (Be careful what you indicate when their registration asks you to select a bunch of interests.)

Nothing happened for a few days. Then, for a reason I haven't yet discovered, it suddenly started to get a lot of StumbleUpon traffic this week. See for yourself.

Today, StumbleUpon is the referring source of 80% of Omnescio's traffic, and Omnescio is currently attracting over 10 times as much traffic per day as

I have no idea how this happened, but it's pretty damn cool. So go over to Omnescio, read other people's advice, and submit your own!