Microsoft Drops "Wow", Embraces "Meh."

Redmond, WA ( After lukewarm reviews of its flagship operating system, Microsoft has cancelled it's "Wow!" ad campaign and unveiled it's new motto: "Meh."

"What is 'Meh'?" asked an unenthusiastic Microsoft spokesman Earl Focht. "'Meh' is the reaction people inevitably have when viewing our operating system. 'Meh' is not exactly exhilaration. It's not exactly confidence. It's mostly a sound of inevitability and irrelevance. It doesn't matter what your reaction is—this software will soon become the dominant operating system. 'Meh' is what people say when you hear their new computers will ship with Vista as an operating system. 'Meh' means 'I guess I can install Linux if I hate it.' 'Meh' means 'I don't have time to install Linux this week, maybe I'll do it eventually.' And 'Meh' means never actually getting around to it. Windows Vista's success is all about the 'Meh' factor."

Attendance at nationwide midnight release parties was sparse. Attendees offered various reasons for being there ranging from, "I'm a very lonely person—especially at night," to, "Windows Vista? Crap! I wanted to buy the new Harry Potter book." One patron, however, had arrived intending to buy Microsoft's new flagship operating system. "It's... uh... a gift," he said. "For my... um... kid. Who has cancer. Yeah, I know—loser kid. Look, my boss says I need to know how to use this thing by the end of the week, so I thought I'd get a head start de-bloating it. Please don't tell anybody you saw me."

As part of its new campaign, Microsoft plans to change its website,, to, where users can upload all their Meh pictures. Microsoft defines a "Meh" picture as one of those pictures that took forever to set up, promised a lot, then, when it was finally developed wasn't really that good after all.

"Meh," said Focht, "means, 'I've seen worse.' You say 'meh' about a tornado coming straight at you after a tsunami's already destroyed your house. 'Meh' means 'I just don't care anymore.'"