Lindows loses, trademarks get more ridiculous

Lindows is a Linux distribution that tries to be as easy to use as possible, bearing some resemblance to the Windows XP interface. Microsoft naturally didn't like this, so they sued on the only grounds they could: trademark dilution. They argued that "Lindows" was too similar to "Windows," a Microsoft trademark.

Microsoft lost in US courts, with judges citing trademark laws that restrict trademarking common words like "windows," which is a term used to describe the glass devices installed on many cars and exterior walls. Of course, Microsoft excels at using common words to describe their products, so I hope they don't restrict my access to post this on my front page and ruin my outlook on life.

Not content with their US loss, Microsoft (based in the US) sued Lindows (also based in the US) in a bunch of foreign countries. Lindows wasn't so lucky in some of these, so it changed its name to "Lin---s," pronounced "Lindash." This still wasn't enough for Microsoft, who argued that "Lindash" beared an auditory resemblance to "Windows." This ridiculous claim was actually considered by some courts, and according to The Register, Lindows just announced that they're giving up the fight and just changing their name to "Linspire."

This is truly sad.