Entrepreneurs Unlimited

CraigsList, a popular grassroots-style classified-ad site known primarily for its excellent housing sections, just opened its Columbus section. I eagerly posted my resume, then went snooping around to the other sections to see what had been posted so far. I found this gem in the “services” section, where small businesses can post advertisements for services. This is an advertisement for Entrepreneurs Unlimited, a web design company that also offers legal services (?).


I’ll save myself the trouble of inserting “[sic]” into every quote. Just assume that it’s supposed to be there. Now, let’s start with the entrance page. All professional websites have entrance pages, right?

The Web site you are about to enter is best viewed at 1280 X 1024 Resolution
a High Speed Internet Connection (DSL, Satellite or Cable) and IE 6 or higher

If you don't have this capability, the pages & images will load slowly and incorrectly.

It’s always a good idea in web design to restrict your clients’ potential customers so that the website can be more extravagant.

Buckle your seat belt and get ready to view one of the most creative and unusual Web sites on the planet!

We appreciate your time, and for visiting our little place in Cyber Space.

I’m ready. But I’m not sure I agree with the “unusual” part. I’ve seen many pages like this on Geocities and Xoom. Nice parallel structure error in that last sentence. I took the risk and entered the site.

If your browser is slightly less than 1280 pixels wide, the text in the upper-right wraps to the next line on the left and you get the wonderful message, “Welcome to the world of 1983.” I think this is appropriate for the site. This page contains scrolling marquee text, an animated GIF, and one of FrontPage’s default counters with a value of 10,621. Somehow I doubt that this counter was started at zero.

Visitors are instructed to read through a series of pages, each with a different layout and background graphic. Each page contains at least one marquee, and some of them even blink. The body text is a stylistic disaster, but the layouts are so distracting that they overpower the content.

You should definitely experience this for yourself. Until then, I have no choice but to add Entrepreneurs Unlimited to the Suck List. Let's see if their excellent search engine services will ever lead them to this review.

I honestly hope that this site is a joke.

Rated 0/5


This is a web design company, and they have one of the worst websites I have ever seen. You really need to see it to believe it.