What a waste of time.

Generally, my reviews attempt to illustrate at least one paragraph of relatively objective background information before stating a negative opinion, but this movie isn't worth that much time to me.

I hope you haven't seen it. It features Will Ferrel playing Will Ferrel as a news anchorman. I've always received Will Ferrel's comedy style with mixed opinions, but that wasn't an issue for this "movie" because it didn't contain any of his style at all.

In fact, I don't think it contained anything.

Rated 0/5


I laughed twice. And I think the first one was actually during the episode of Family Guy that I watched immediately before this movie. It simply wasn't funny at all. It wasn't even funny because it was stupid. It was just... nothing.

Rated 0/5


Even if you haven't seen this movie, you've already seen it a hundred times. It's the same movie as everything else, but with less content.

Rated 0/5


What a boring love story. They aren't even trying anymore. I hope there was more to this, and it was cut during editing. "I hereby blow you off because you are an arrogant ass and I am a professional woman in a professional world and I will not date anyone else in my professional world. But in less than 5 minutes I will have completely fallen in love with you and ignored all of that."

Rated 0/5


Welcome to the Suck List. Please don't see Anchorman. This isn't even worth the time to write a full-length review.