Scientologists Visit

The "Church" of Scientology, the greatest scam of all time started by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (who intelligently decided to go by "L. Ron Hubbard"), has visited in a quest to find information about Scott Nelson, special agent of the FBI.

I wrote a server log parser a few weeks ago, and I've been monitoring the daily traffic. It basically tells me if anything interesting happens, like if people get to my site from a search engine or someone else's link. I've found a number of interesting hits and search engine results, but this is definitely the best.

Yesterday at 10:31 PM (Eastern), someone from visited my front page. They got there from page 3 of Google's search results for the query "scott nelson" "FBI". This was a regular browser, not a crawler robot or anything - specifically, they were using Internet Explorer 6 on Windows NT 4.

They arrived here because Scott Nelson is the shipping manager for LG, an article that appeared on the front page immediately above the Terror Alert I issued, which contained the phrase "FBI".

Most of the other Google results are actually for Scott Nelson, a secret agent of the FBI. Well, he's probably not much of secret anymore.

Scary knowledge learned:

  • The "Church" of Scientology uses Windows NT 4. If this isn't bad enough, they also use Internet Explorer.

  • The "Church" of Scientology, known for their history of suing everyone who ever criticizes them, while averting lawsuits against them for fraud and many far-worse crimes, is attempting to get information on a particular FBI agent.

  • The "Church" of Scientology has visited my website. They might know who I am now. My life is now at risk.

Personally, I'm honored that the perpetrators (and victims) of the biggest scam of all time have actually visited my site. has reached a new level.