Clusty Toolbar for Firefox launched!

I generally don't use my site to pimp my job, but this time I think it's justified.

I've written a search toolbar for all versions of Firefox (Windows, Linux, and even my beloved Mac OS X). While I'm naturally biased, I think it's the best damn toolbar ever made.

The Clusty Toolbar was built and designed entirely without the influence of marketing or corporate mandates. I simply made what I thought would be most useful for myself and other users of the excellent Firefox browser. There's no bloat, spyware, or other crap - it's 100% pure usefulness.

Go try it. I assure you that you won't be disappointed.

Download the Clusty Toolbar for Firefox - the Download and Help pages are still pretty rough, but that's only because I've spent all of my time polishing the toolbar itself.

Trust me. Try it.

(And I'll give you a hint for after you have the toolbar installed: right-click on anything.)