Well, the Holiday Season is here again !!!!

Last year, around this time, I quit a job at Staples. Fortunately, I was there just long enough to receive this letter, attached to everyone's paychecks one week. I posted a thread in the forum about it last year, but this is definitely worth repeating.

The scariest part is that this was from the Regional Vice President. This man was the top authority of every Staples store in the Ohio and western-Pennsylvania area.

I'll save myself the time and just apply a huge "[sic]" right now.

Dear Store Teams,

Well, the Holiday Season is here again !!!! (Wow.... where did this year go ??)

It’s now time to begin shopping for our families, and enjoy this season with the one’s we love. It’s time to begin the preparation of our holiday dinner. It’s a time to share happiness with others at holiday parties, gatherings, and events. It’s a time to give thanks....and a time to watch the enjoyment in our children’s eyes waiting for Santa.

It’s also a time, in our “work” lives, that can be very hectic and stressful by trying to handle the large volume of customers that will pass through our doors, as well as a very important “sales time” for our company. I would like to ask “each of you” to really give some extra effort to make sure we are doing our best to take care of our customers. Please keep in mind, the majority of our customers at this time of year are “frantically shopping” for that special gift. Let’s “make it EASY” for these customers and “demonstrate to them” what we’re all about !!!! We’ve worked hard all year long on building and maintaining the Back to Brighton culture....now known as the customer connection. It’s a proven fact, that happy customers, that have had a great shopping experience, not only come back....but purchase more !!! Please be very proud to “offer attachments”, “offer assistance to all”, and to remember and practice “CIPS” when selling to our customers.

We are a Specialty Retailer.....that means, we offer special service, great prices, and a wide assortment of products. But, most of all what makes Staples “special” is YOU !!!!

Let’s all make that “SPECIAL” effort this Holiday Season to be the best. I’m excited about this season, but more than that, I’m thankful for all that you have done this year to make our company “Special” and “Successful” !!!!!

Wishing you a great Holiday Season,

[name removed]
Regional Vice President