Electronic Arts gains Microsoft, Sony exclusives

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Electronic Arts announced today that it has signed exclusive contracts to develop games on the next-generation video game systems from Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft. Under the terms of the contracts, the EA Games (challenge everything) brand will be the sole provider of games for the upcoming Sony Playstation 3 and Xbox 2 consoles.

"We are proud to announce this exclusive partnership," said Lawrence Probst III, CEO of Electronic Arts (challenge everything). "As an integral part of our 'challenge everything' (EA Games) objective, we have elected to propose a unique challenge to our competitors."

Regional division vice president managing supervisor Earl Focht provided further insight. "Our market outlook is strong as we continue to move forward with solutions and investor relations for the acquisitions of in-market firms and entities," said Focht.

An interpreter clarified that Electronic Arts (challenge everything) does not, in fact, have any remaining competitors.

A spokesman from video game pioneer Nintendo of America objected to Electronic Arts' (challenge everything) new position. "Nintendo remains a solid competitor to EA Games (challenge everything)," said the spokesman. "Our next console, code-named 'Whale', will feature the upcoming Mario Happy Super Sunshine Mathblaster Melee Edition."

Electronic Arts (challenge everything) representatives declined to comment on the pending class-action lawsuit from its own employees, who are choosing to challenge unreasonable, unethical, and illegal working conditions.